You Don’t Need a Special Occasion to Recognize Your Employees

At Acrylic Warehouse, we understand the importance of employee recognition programs

There are several benefits to implementing one of these programs, including more engaged and productive employees as well as decreased turnover and absenteeism.

It’s good for business, too. More engaged employees lead to a better customer experience and increased sales, thus boosting your profit margins.

If you’re unsure where to start, know that there’s no right or wrong way to carry out a recognition program. There certainly is no shortage of days made for employee recognition, either. These can include:

  • Employee Appreciation Week (March 1-5)
  • Administrative Professionals Day (April 21)
  • Intern Day (July 29)
  • HR Professional Appreciation Day (September 26)
  • Bosses Day (October 16)

Of course, recognition doesn’t have to be limited to a specific day, week, or even month. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion, either. Recognizing an employee for things like meeting a goal, working well in a team, or handling a stressful situation well can go a long way. 

Here are some reasons to recognize your employees regularly.

When to Recognize Your Employees

When Their Talent Shines Through

You chose your team members for a reason: because they’re the best talent in the market. You know it, and so do they.

If you don’t take time to show that you appreciate their talent, you run the risk of your best employees finding another company that will. Remind them regularly about the role their skills play within the company and the difference they make day-to-day. You could even consider giving them tools to enhance those skills.

When They Have a Good Attitude

A can-do attitude and a positive mindset are non-starters in most offices. But what about the more minor, everyday things, like showing up on time or being considerate to coworkers.

Small actions such as these add up quickly, and those who show this type of professionalism regularly have a positive influence on those around them. Take the time to thank these employees; not only will they continue to have a great attitude, but others who see the praise will likely follow suit.

When They Perform Well Under Pressure or Stress

Even though it comes with the territory of any job, stress can be a tricky thing for many employees to navigate. But the way they react to and handle uncomfortable situations is crucial to their success and, by extension, yours. 

Be sure you let them know you’ve noticed the next time you see an employee handle an uncomfortable situation with grace. This could include compartmentalizing, reacting well, thinking clearly, and making good decisions promptly.  

Don’t forget that employee stress doesn’t stem just from your employees’ workloads. According to the American Institute of Stress, 28% say people issues (e.g. an employee who doesn’t fit in with the culture or are wrong for the job) are a significant stressor in a work environment, and 20% find that balancing their personal and work lives is stressful.

In this type of stressful situation, actively finding ways to reduce their stress can act as a reward. Take the time to listen to and understand their stressors, and work together to find ways to reduce or manage them.

When They Take Initiative

A driven employee is a successful employee. Watch for those who complete tasks without being asked, aren’t afraid to take the reins in any situation, and come up with new ideas and solutions. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and when you recognize it, it will only increase.

Additionally, encouraging this type of initiative will empower employees to “sweep the floors” – in other words, they’ll be more inclined to help in different business areas, even those outside of their job purview.

When They Receive Meaningful Client Feedback

If you receive positive feedback from a client, let the employee responsible know! Not only is this great for their morale, but it also reminds them that they play a crucial role in the customer experience. 

Letting your employees know that clients appreciate their work will make them feel valuable and eager to continue working.

When They Work Well Together as a Team

Just because your employees are a team doesn’t mean they work well as a team. Remember, many say that people issues such as disagreements or lack of collaboration are a source of stress in the workplace.

When a group of employees can take on a task together and listen, compromise, and delegate without any significant issues, it’s something to be celebrated. Let everyone involved know how valuable their teamwork is, and you’ll surely see every employee in the office strive to be better team players.

How To Recognize Your Employees

Now that you know that everyday situations are worthy of recognition, you may be wondering just how to do so. The good news is that even a little bit goes a long way in this situation:

  • Write a heartfelt thank you note
  • Offer an extra perk such as an afternoon or day off
  • Gift them with an opportunity for personal or professional development
  • Spend quality time with your employees, such as taking them out to lunch

Presenting them with a tangible gift is a great idea, too. At Acrylic Warehouse, we specialize in custom-made awards and plaques that make for meaningful and memorable ways to recognize your employees. Speak with a designer about corporate awards, acrylic awards, entrapments, and more today.