4 Unique Acrylic Sports Awards

Envision the thrill of victory: the celebratory dancing, sticky-sweet Gatorade showers, and Freddy Mercury crooning, “We are the champions.” Whether you’ve just won the national championship or beat your best friend in fantasy football, the joy of winning remains the same.

So why not celebrate your victory with a unique award?

We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter trophy – we here at Acrylic Warehouse want you to think bigger, more creatively. Emboss a picture of yourself kicking butt on the field with a full-color award, or forever encase a scorecard showing that time you went three under par at your local golf course.

Who says you only deserve one victory lap anyway?

Unique Awards for Sports

We know the importance of a good celebration and understand that while legends are made on the field, they’re remembered by the awards on the shelves.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of creative awards to honor your highlights (and lowlights) forever.

Athletic Equipment Embedment

Acrylic Warehouse has developed our fair share of creative embedments over the years, so you know we love to take on any embedment challenges thrown our way.

Since the embedding process requires items to be a bit less fragile, these awards are perfect for pieces of memorabilia that you might want to hold on to or put on the shelf.

Because embedments are heated and put under pressure, you will want to be careful with what objects you embed. In the case of fragility, some keepsakes lend themselves to encasement rather than embedment.


Have an item that can be damaged with an embedment, then think about a Lucite® entrapment instead.

Our entrapment process is perfect for keeping track of the highlights and lowlights of your athletic career.

Think about standing a few feet from the flag at your local golf course; a successful eagle putt puts and your best score ever. You putt, the ball’s dimples roll and roll until finally the ball makes it in the hole—a new personal record. You’re going to want to commemorate this moment by keeping the scorecard.

This is where a Lucite® entrapment works great, as we can take your score card and preserve it so everyone who walks through your front door can recognize your golfing greatness.

Or what about your buddy’s horrific fantasy football performance? Why not memorialize his colossal collapse in the playoffs by forever entrapping his team’s score. 

These make for great gag gifts, so everyone will never forget who came in last place this fantasy football season.

Full-Color Award

You probably remember team photo day if you ever played little league or pee-wee sports. 

Our full-color awards allow you to hold onto those memories for as long as possible, as we will create a full-color acrylic award with any picture you want.

Want to get a photo of your child’s team turned into an award? What about an action shot? Acrylic Warehouse wants you and your family to celebrate your child’s athletic achievements.

These awards are great keepsakes to put on your desk, in your kid’s room or in the family room.

Presidential Templar Award

Sometimes victory just calls for an old-fashioned trophy celebration.

Then look no further than the Presidential Templar Award: our beautiful 12” tall trophy features seven columns and a custom engraved centerpiece.

This championship quality award is the perfect reward for a successful, winning season. 

With design elements reminiscent of the Commissioner’s Trophy, Stanley Cup, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy, just holding this bad boy in your hands will make you feel that much closer to being one of the best athletes in the world.

Ready to build a unique sports award? Contact us today at Acrylic Warehouse.

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