Top 5 Ways to Customize your Awards

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Now that you and your organization have decided to recognize your top associates with acrylic awards, the next step is to determine what the awards will look like. With the wide variety of shape, color, engraving and design options that Acrylic Warehouse has to offer, bringing your awards to life may feel overwhelming! Our Recognition Specialists at Acrylic Warehouse recommend starting with the top 5 ways to customize your awards:

1) Start With the “W”s

We recommend that your award list WHO it was awarded to, WHAT the reason for the award was for, WHEN the award was presented and WHERE the award came from. No matter what budget you are working with, adding details that make the award unique to your recipient can be the easiest and most thoughtful way to customize your awards. Always be certain that your recipient’s name is spelled correctly and, if appropriate, include their professional titles. 

2) Incorporate Your Logo

Company logos, team mascots, and school crests are an excellent addition to any award. Images can be lasered on for an elegant and polished effect. If you’re looking for something more colorful, our 4-color processing can create detailed images that appear to float within your acrylic awards.

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3) Customize With Color

It’s easy to incorporate your organization’s colors in your award design. Start with a pre-made design that incorporates the color of your choice, or utilizes our lucite embedments or our 4-color processing. Looking for something flashy? Take a look at our Glitter & Glo collection for acrylic trophies with glitter accents and back glow effects.

4) Say it With Shapes

One of the best qualities of acrylic glass is how easy it is to mold into nearly any shape. Hosting an athletic event? Try incorporating shapes associated with the sport, such as the engraved outline of a golfer mid-swing, or an award shaped like a baseball diamond or a football. Looking for a light-hearted shape? Try a literal heart or a star for your recipients who put their heart into their work and shine the brightest. Want to honor work anniversaries or other numeric achievements? Use the number in your design to highlight your recipient’s accomplishment.

5) Match the Occasion

The awards that are presented at a black-tie gala should look different than trophies presented at a monthly staff meeting. Paperweight awards are a cost-effective option for casual or more common recognitions, such as monthly sales achievements or your employee of the month program. For a traditional or formal occasion, look for awards in sleek, traditional shapes – arched tops, pillars, and beveled cuts always make a statement. 

Of course, there are many additional ways to customize your awards for your unique occasions and extraordinary recipients. The Recognition Specialists at Acrylic Warehouse can guide you through the customization process and help you create the perfect custom award. Contact us today to get started with your custom acrylic trophies, plaques, and awards.