The Survey Results Have Arrived: How Managers Recognize their Employees

We recently launched a survey about employee recognition and asked a sampling of thought leaders about how they plan to recognize their employees. After collecting 100+ answers from executives and HR professionals, we are seeing some interesting trends. 

We wanted to know everything about how managers and HR departments recognize their employees across industries. Check out the results of the survey below! 

Demographics of Respondents 

A slight majority of respondents were female, representing 64.52% of our 100 person sample side. 35.48% were male.

The age range of respondents varied, but 79.57% of respondents identified as working in HR Management, direct management, or an executive role

The remaining 20.43% remarked that they worked in another role, which ranged in job type and industry from medical fields to youth ministry.


Roughly half of all respondents identified themselves as being from large organizations with over 200 employees. 49.47% of the respondents came from smaller organizations.

Which achievements are being rewarded?

Respondents reported that they were most frequently awarding people for 

  • Job Performance was recognized by 70.97% of respondents
  • Customer Service was recognized by 68.82% of respondents
  • Team Effort and Collaboration was recognized by 50.06% of respondents

Other common instances of employee recognition came at years of service milestones and retirement events. 

Innovation awards were less common, with only 24.73% of respondents saying that innovation was something that their company regularly recognized. 

How Supervisors are Demonstrating Appreciation

The following chart represents the number of respondents that said yes to the following choices to describe how they recognize their employees:

Respondents noted that other ways they might recognize their team are to give an announcement in a weekly meeting or host a party at the end of the quarter.

Types of Award Recognition

All office dynamics are different, and depending on the work culture, the type of award and recognition varies as well.

Formal vs. Informal Award Recognition

Managers were divided. The majority of them, however, recognized their employees formally at an award ceremony or with a physical award for performance.

Team vs. Individual Award Recognition

Individual awards are still the most popular form of employee recognition, but many supervisors recognize team efforts in addition to individual recognition.

Employee Recognition as a Part of Company Culture

Respondents cited that employee recognition is an important factor in making employees feel appreciated and motivated. 

One respondent noted that employees are usually happier and more enthusiastic about their work when they are recognized for their contributions and good performance.

By showing employees that the work they do does not go unnoticed, employees are motivated to work harder and create a productive work environment. When employee morale is high, the quality of work is also high.

Acrylic Awards for Employee Recognition

For many workplaces, this year has created a number of challenges in terms of employee recognition. Many employers are turning to physical awards to send out to employees who are working remotely. 

Acrylic Warehouse is pleased to have a wide range of awards and customization options to pick up where the team dinners and meeting recognition fell short this year. 

Acrylic Warehouse Recognition Specialists

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