Team Awards for Employee Appreciation Day

Team Awards for Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day, which is celebrated every year on the first Friday of March, is a great time to celebrate the members of your staff and highlight the accomplishments of your organization. Providing recognition and showing appreciation for your team’s hard work and dedication can boost productivity, increase company morale and reduce turnover.

In addition to thanking your employees for their individual contributions with gifts, awards, and company-wide celebrations, it’s important to take time to recognize the accomplishments of larger groups within the organization. Presenting team awards can encourage friendly competition, teamwork, and pride for your organization as a whole.

This year’s Employee Appreciation Day is March 6th – are your team awards ready? Consider presenting group awards like these for your company’s Employee Appreciation Day celebration:

The Break-Apart Award: Exceptional teams evolve over time; promotions, life changes, and career moves lead to the arrival and departure of exceptional talent. Consider designing a Custom Shaped Cut Out Award, like this puzzle piece design, that can be presented as a pre-built display for this year’s Employee Appreciation Day event. As years pass and individual team members change departments, transfer to different locations and retire, they can take their piece of the trophy with them as a reminder of their accomplishments.

Not into puzzles, but digging the idea? Reach out to our team with your break-apart vision, and we’ll create detailed custom awards that fit your needs.

The Stand-Out Trophy: Give your top teams a beautiful reason to celebrate their achievements. Sleek and unique trophy designs like our CELBRDB Acrylic Celebration Trophy and the BR003L Acrylic Waterdrop Award are elegant additions to display at the winning department’s front desk or common area. Looking to start a new recognition tradition? Consider designing a larger award with less specific engravings that can easily be passed each year from winning department to winning department.

The Large Plaque: Designs with large surfaces, like the elegant PROB09 Beveled Rectangle Acrylic Trophy, offer plenty of space for engraving. Including details like the winning department’s name, each team member’s name and the date the award was presented can elevate this trophy and make it even more meaningful to the recipients.

The Custom Perpetual: Want to encourage friendly competition between teams? Consider creating Custom Shaped Perpetual Cutout Awards for each team in your organization. Every year, honor the best-performing department with a piece to add to their trophy. Have multiple reasons to celebrate? Award multiple teams for this year’s achievements in different categories, like top sales, highest customer satisfaction and best team spirit, and watch each department’s perpetual award grow.

If you need additional help to design team awards and other Employee Appreciation Day gifts for your organization, our Recognition Specialists are ready to help. Check out our recent articles on customizing awards and choosing the right award for the occasion, and contact our team to get started on your next acrylic award project.