Planning an End of the Year Award Ceremony for your Company

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Updated 2020

The end of the year is a great time to recognize the achievements of your colleagues, standout projects and initiatives, and groups who are setting the standards of excellence in your industry. While the end of the year might seem far away, the time to start planning your event is now. A great way to celebrate is by hosting an awards ceremony for your company; not only does this honor those who stand out, but an awards ceremony can also act as a marketing tool. Whether this ceremony is a large virtual event or a smaller outdoor team gathering, we have an award ceremony idea and awards for your industry to give your team a morale boost.

As we begin to adapt to the new normal, recognizing the employees who have propelled your company through the year is never going to go unnoticed. Whether you’re in the middle of planning or considering hosting your company’s first awards ceremony, make sure your event is top-notch by considering the following:

Consider a Virtual Award Ceremony:

If your team has been working from home, the quality of your recognition ceremony doesn’t need to suffer. Plan the event as normal, collect the RSVPs, and send out a “recognition pack” to all the attendees with instructions not to open until instructed during the event. While a bit unconventional, with a little planning and the right team, the format of the ceremony can still go on through your team’s  video conference line of choice.

Get Everyone Excited:

Award ceremonies like the Oscars, Webby Awards and Grammys are well known and highly celebrated – who says your awards night can’t be your industry’s Golden Globes? Consider opening nominations to brands you frequently collaborate with, and other companies in your industry; this allows your colleagues to mingle with other great minds and gives your company room to advertise your capabilities to a wider audience. Be sure to make the submission and nomination process for your awards night easy and clear for maximum participation.

Make it Fun:

Inviting attendees to share a night with you, especially during the holiday season, is a big ask. Make it too good to pass up by getting a fun host, booking entertainment, inviting an intriguing keynote speaker, hosting at a unique venue, asking your guests to “dress to impress,” and catering food and drinks from a local restaurant your employees love. Also, consider scheduling your awards ceremony strategically – if everyone will be in town for an end of quarter meeting or a holiday party close to the same time, it’s more likely that your colleagues will RSVP “yes.”

Share It:

Creating content around your awards ceremony not only allows the participants to share their accomplishments with their family and friends, but it also provides your marketing team with the opportunity to showcase your brand’s level of excellence. Consider live-streaming the event on social media, posting photos and videos, including a photo booth or red carpet for guests, coining a custom hashtag and summarizing the night’s highlights in the company newsletter and blog. If your event is being conducted remotely, this step becomes even easier!

Offer a Variety of Awards:

In addition to the traditional awards for top sales and milestone years of service, be sure to offer more awards that diversify your winner’s circle. Consider a “hero” award for someone who leads in your company’s charitable initiatives, a “spirit” award for the colleague who best represents your company’s values, and a “people’s choice” award that allows for all employees to vote for an exceptional co-worker.

Make the Awards Pop:

The Tonys and Emmys offer highly coveted, iconic trophies to their winners – why can’t your awards night do the same? Even Eventbrite advises investing in trophies. Check out some of our favorites for design inspiration:

●      Star Cutout Trophy: Award this customizable piece to your company’s “star” employees.

●      Waterford Crystal Cut: This elegant acrylic trophy is perfect for your organization’s top honors.

●      Lucite Knockout: The rectangle shape of this award may seem conventional, but the customizable shape cut-out is unique!

●      Glitter and Glo: Want to feature your company’s colors on your awards in a unique way? Try adding a stripe of color with a glitter or glow effect.

We hope that your end of the year awards ceremony is a fun and unforgettable experience. Need more design guidance? The experts at Acrylic Warehouse are always ready to help make your employee award ceremony ideas a reality. Contact our recognition specialists for more information on our wide variety of awards and customization options.