Innovation, Dedication, and Respect: How Leaders Recognize Employee Contributions

Employees want to feel appreciated, valued, and recognized for their contributions in the workplace. In fact, almost 4 out of every 5 employees said that they would be more loyal to their employer if they were recognized for their contributions to the company.

At Acrylic Warehouse, we want to gather the best industry thought leaders around to ask about the value placed on employee recognition. We also want to know what employers and employees are doing to recognize their hard work. 

Celebratory Experiences for Your Team

Many teams work hard and play hard together. Michael Lipton, CEO at Luster and Breakfast  often finds a high adrenaline activity like rafting for a morning outing and then ends the day at a relaxed brewery. 

“Each summer, we close the office for a day and plan an itinerary that will create moments that are both exciting and communal,” says Lipton. 

Summer days off lend well for socially distanced activities. Creating time together during the cooler winter months might present more of a challenge.   

Getting the Remote Team Together

Dan Lee, Co-Founder and President at Rememorate, says, “My favorite way to recognize our team is through trips and experiences, where we cover all expenses for the team to converge.”

From happy hours to golf tournaments, Lee makes sure that his fully remote team feels connected. But with so many teams working remotely now out of necessity, Lee will need to brainstorm other ways to remain connected. 

Celebrating Innovation and Failure

Bob Ryan, Principal at Shields Menely, coached executives at a global consumer goods company who enjoyed story-telling. 

“Employees were encouraged to shoot 2-3 minute vignettes on their phones and to share them with fellow employees management. This encouraged risk taking and innovation. The CEO recognized several each month with a simple award, including stories of failure…. you must fail to create breakthroughs,” he says.

The Real Data on Employee Recognition

We’re collecting data from a survey across industries of ways companies are going about showing their employees that they are important to success. 

From small to large companies with different ideas for physical awards, weekly employee recognition tactics, or bonus compensation checklists, we want to know what makes your employees proud to work at your company.

Have a Great Idea? Tell Us! 

We’re conducting this survey about employee recognition, and we want to hear from you! With so many challenges this year, how are you making your employees or colleagues feel appreciated in the workplace? 

After completing this survey, you will have the option to provide your contact information and be entered into a raffle for a $20 Amazon gift card.