How Laser Cutting is Changing the Acrylic Awards Industry

When it comes to acrylic awards, the tools used to cut the acrylic are as important as the awards themselves. Traditional methods of acrylic cutting, such as using saws or knives, are becoming increasingly outdated. The future of the acrylic awards industry is in laser cutting, a precise and effective way to cut acrylic.

We’ve put together a list of reasons why laser cutting has set the standard for the modern era of acrylic awards.

What Are Laser Cutters and How Do They Work?

Laser cutters use infrared light to rapidly heat materials, such as acrylic, to create a cut. This allows for not only cleaner and more accurate cuts, but also more creative award shapes.  

Laser cutters use fiducials, which are a series of points that can be arranged to create a shape, as a point of reference. If a fiducial is marked, the laser will cut to that point. Laser cutters can quickly, effectively, and accurately cut a variety of awards.

How is Laser Cutting Changing the Industry?

Creative Designs

Laser cutters are capable of cutting unique and complex shapes. If a movie theater owner wants to reward his employee of the month with an acrylic award shaped like a movie ticket, a laser cutter would not only be able to cut this shape, but do so with a flawless finish.

Traditional methods of cutting acrylic are less accurate than lasers. While still able to produce an attractive award, saws and knives have a larger margin of error and are more likely to leave an award being uneven when cut. By focusing on fiducials, laser cutters are able to make a precise and even cut, leaving an award looking gorgeous.

Sturdier Awards

Laser cutters are able to slice through thicker sections of acrylic. Traditional methods typically produce acrylic awards that are less than half an inch thick. The laser cutters at Acrylic Warehouse can cut awards up to an inch thick, which not only leaves them more durable, but weighty, too.

A more weighty award is often a better constructed one with a higher perceived value. Inch-thick acrylic awards are less likely to suffer damages than their thinner counterparts, and they look absolutely beautiful, too!

Higher Quality

Because laser cutters rely on fiducials when cutting, acrylic awards shaped by lasers are incredibly accurate to requested designs. The customization options and sturdy thickness of the acrylic offered by lasers combine to create high-quality awards that are unmatched by knives and saws.

Additionally, because of the accuracy attributed to laser cutters, it’s easier than ever to order multiple awards in the same shape. Using traditional methods to cut multiple awards leaves plenty of room for error; one award may be slightly curved, while another is a little thinner, and a third could be otherwise uneven. A laser cutter provides a reliable way to cut multiple acrylic awards at the highest quality in the industry.

Where to Order a Laser-Cut Acrylic Awards

While high-quality laser cutters are expensive and difficult to obtain, Acrylic Warehouse is in possession of five. Based in Arizona, our awards are all made in-house, while other manufacturers either do not have access to lasers at all, or they outsource laser cutting to overseas companies.

Our laser cutters put Acrylic Warehouse’s acrylic awards at the cutting edge of the industry. With over 16 years of experience, we are able to produce the highest-quality acrylic awards in the country. Speak with a designer about a laser-cut acrylic product today.