Trademark Usage

All copy or other materials submitted by the customer for use by the factory in producing the items ordered will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, copyright, etc. Copy and trademarks illustrated in the accompanying catalog are used to demonstrate product imprinting. This does not imply endorsement by any company of our products. The logos pictured are the property of thier respective companies.


Acrylic Warehouse is Not Responsible for Orders not Delivered on Time, or Lost. Once They Leave Our Building We Have no Control on UPS or FedEx Delays. Shipping Method is Determened by You The Customer. No Guarantees on Deliveries Can Be Made.

Return Policy

To obtain a return authorization the factory must be notified of any problems pertaining to the order within Forty Eight (48) Hours of receipt of order. We will not accept any unauthorized returns.

Paper Proof

You will automatically receive a faxed paper, or email proof of your order, Orders remain on hold until a signed confirmation is received.

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