13 Employee Appreciation Holidays for 2024

As we welcome the new year, it’s time to show our colleagues appreciation for all the hard work they contribute to the business. 

With all of their hard work and effort put in throughout the year, your employees’ efforts should not go unnoticed.

Multiple days out of the year make perfect occasions to present an employee with an acrylic award to commemorate their accomplishments. We’ve gathered some of the best employee appreciation holidays for 2024 to help you acknowledge the best and brightest at your company.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – January 9th

Being a police officer is a difficult job. Law enforcement is an integral part of maintaining a safe society. Show your officers you care about their hard work by presenting them with an award.

Alternatively, if you know an officer’s retirement is coming up, a great way to celebrate their service is by giving them an acrylic badge embedment. This beautiful display highlights an officer’s time on the force and is a thoughtful way to respect one’s career.

Employee Appreciation Week – February 26th-March 1st

There’s no perfect time to show appreciation to your employees than Employee Appreciation Week!

A great way to show appreciation to the workplace is by hosting employee superlatives (like The Dundies on The Office).

Whether an employee is most likely to arrive on time, help other colleagues, or wear the whitest sneakers, award them a light-hearted trophy.

Acrylic Warehouse has a variety of beautiful acrylic awards to choose from to show your employee’s appreciation during Employee Appreciation Week.

Motivation Through Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation is like caring for a wood-burning stove: it motivates and keeps the flames going. When employees feel valued, like adding a good log to the fire, their intrinsic motivation rises, increasing task engagement.

Appreciation fuels employee motivation to work more and deliver their best. Positive work environments, like heat-resistant gloves, encourage teamwork and collaboration, minimizing conflicts and speeding up problem-solving.

Appreciation reduces turnover by turning employees into long-term assets invested in the company’s success. Like spreading warmth, their advocacy draws talent and customers.

We show appreciation with verbal praise, growth opportunities, celebratory events, and competitive perks at Stovefitter Warehouse. The effects are clear: low turnover, a highly engaged workforce, and a positive business culture that warms the warehouse like a wood-burning furnace.

Appreciating employees is smart business and pays off in the long run. Keep the gratitude fire blazing and watch your staff and business thrive!

Julian Patrick, Founder, Stovefitter’s Warehouse

Employee Appreciation Day – March 1st

Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday, March 1, this year. Capping off Employee Appreciation Week, this holiday is the best time of the year to recognize your employees for their accomplishments.

Be sure to plan for the grand finale of Employee Appreciation Week by noting the date so that none of your employees are forgotten—a great way to recognize employees for their years of service.

Dentist’s Day – March 6th

Falling on a Wednesday this year, Dentist’s Day is the best time of year to reward your favorite dentists and dental hygienists. 

From people not liking their teeth poked and prodded to the anxiety of anyone sitting in the chair, dentists aren’t appreciated enough for their hard work protecting our teeth.

Make this year different: recognize your dental employees on Dentist’s Day.

Proactive Appreciation Enhances Teamwork

Unsolicited appreciation has a profound impact on the work of my team, and I make it a proactive effort with each individual that I work with.

To make it a proactive initiative, create a 20-minute block on your calendar where you actively spend time looking for these team members’ highlights, then find the best way to acknowledge them for their efforts. It will be one of the best time investments you can make.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Doctor’s Day – March 30th

There are many exhausting days and sleepless nights as a doctor.

From pediatricians to surgeons, the medical field is a high-stress environment with many responsibilities. 

Acknowledging doctors ‘ hard work is more important than ever, whether it’s a uniquely designed award or a creative embedment.

School Librarian Appreciation Day – April 13th

Stocking books, teaching the Dewey Decimal System, and being guardians of literacy, school librarians are the backbone of education. Often overlooked in favor of their peers, school librarians also deserve recognition for their work.

School Librarian Appreciation Day falls on a Thursday this year.

One unique idea is to embed a book page from your favorite novel that means something to you; no better way to show your appreciation for your librarian than to share your love of the written word with them.

Gratitude Cultivates a Supportive Culture

We know how important it is to thank our workers after they’ve done a good job. We also know how important it is to support a strong community of pet owners and how important it is for our team to help them reach this goal.

Because of this approach, we promote a happy work environment not just for the clients but most especially for the employees. Oodle Life has started holding a weekly team meeting where coworkers can officially thank each other for their hard work and contributions over the past week.

This habit has not only helped the team develop a culture of thanks and respect for each other, but it has also produced real benefits. It is now normal for people to work together more effectively, talk to each other more clearly, and get along better with others. Employees look forward to these moments of praise just as much as dog owners look forward to their pets’ tails wagging and grateful looks. It’s all part of working at Oodle Life on a team where everyone is respected, just like the furry friends they take care of.

Chris Allen, Founder, Oodle Life

Administrative Professionals Week and Day – April 21st-27th, April 24th

Administrative Professionals Week recognizes the work of various assistants, secretaries, receptionists, and other administrative workers. Administrative Professionals Day falls on April 24th.

Administrative Professionals play a vital role in maintaining the happenings of a business day to day, so make sure they’re recognized for it.

Formerly known as Secretaries Day, Administrative Professionals Day is the perfect time to let your employees know you appreciate them with a special token of appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Week – May 6th-10th

It’s time to bring out your shiniest, tastiest apple. 

The last month of the school year also marks Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers who are invested in their jobs and the students they lead are often the reason kids grow up to follow their passions as adults. 

Before planning your summer break, let your favorite teachers know how much you care. 

Firefighter’s Day – May 4th

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Putting their lives on the line daily, firefighter’s dedication to their community is beyond admirable.

Our embedments offer an excellent opportunity to encase your favorite firefighters’ badges that look great on display and make memorable retirement gifts.

Falling on a Saturday, take time out of your schedule to let your firefighters know they are heroes.

Gratitude Boosts Commitment and Success

Showing appreciation and recognition to employees really boosts their commitment to their work. If employees feel that they are important to the company and that their efforts are seen, they often start to care more about the company too. They also tend to feel more connected and supported, making their job a part of who they are and what they find meaningful. This all leads to stronger commitment and loyalty to their employer.

I think understanding the importance of having employees who believe you’re looking out for their best interests makes you realize how crucial it is to show gratitude. Sometimes, an employee might feel awkward about asking questions or for help. If they don’t have trust in you, they might not get what they need to do their job well. But if they believe that you understand they’re doing their best and still value them, it can really change how successful a project or even the entire company can be. It all starts with gratitude!

Precious Abacan, Marketing Director, Softlist

Intern Day – July 25th

It’s hard being an intern. 

Most interns are young, bright-eyed people looking to gain experience and grow with a business–however, it can be overwhelming being thrown into the professional world and trying to catch up with your colleagues.

Rewarding your interns for their hard work on Intern Day makes them feel welcomed and appreciated.

National Customer Service Week – October 7th-11th

Every business needs customers to operate. How can you expect to keep your business alive if your customer relationship isn’t strong?

Your employees play a vital role in maintaining relationships with your customers. Customer service is an essential part of running a business that is often overlooked, but it is the backbone of success.

Let your employees know how important they are to your business with an award or gift during National Customer Service Week.

Coach Appreciation Day – October 6th

Right in the middle of football season, there’s no better time to show appreciation towards your coach than National Coaches Day. 

Sports are a crucial part of American culture; without coaches, there would be no sports.

Acrylic Warehouse offers various sports-themed awards that would make the perfect gift for any coach this year.

Bosses Day – October 16th

This year, recognize your boss.

Leadership can be incredibly stressful. But, if your boss has done an excellent job managing you and your colleagues, letting them know you appreciate their hard work can mean the world to them.

Bosses Day falls on a Wednesday this year, and a great way to show appreciation to your boss while out of the office is by sending them an acrylic award or embedment.

Appreciation Fosters Loyalty and Productivity

Showing appreciation is free. It can also really move the needle in terms of loyalty and productivity. At least once a month, I spend 5-10 minutes with each of my team members. During that conversation, I make sure to remind them how much I appreciate working with them.

Last month, my best remote worker told me that she was recently offered a higher-paying job. She turned it down immediately because she knows that the grass isn’t always greener. At her current job, she has a boss who appreciates and respects her.

Hunter Garnett, Personal Injury Lawyer, Huntsville Car Accident Lawyers

Bonus Month: National Mentoring Month – January

If someone has guided you in a new role, given vital career advice, or helped you on your professional journey, January is the month to let that person know how grateful you are to them.

The beginning of the new year brings a month of appreciation towards mentors. Mentorships are essential to jumpstarting one’s professional life, so be sure to give back to those who have helped you.

Need the Perfect Gift for Your Employees? Acrylic Warehouse is Here to Help.

Letting your employees know that they’re not only doing a good job but that their efforts have significantly impacted your business is a great morale boost and creates a positive work environment.

No matter when or how you appreciate your employees, presenting them with an acrylic award is always a great idea. 

Acrylic Warehouse specializes in stunning acrylic awards and embedments designed with you in mind. Our team of expert designers is ready to help you plan for your employee celebration.

Contact us today to create an award perfect for appreciating your employees.