Beyond Awards: Acrylic Product Displays for All Industries

Beyond Awards: Acrylic Displays for Product Presentations

When presenting your products and their capabilities to potential customers and other industry professionals, having a physical display to reference can be incredibly valuable. Depending on the design and durability of the object, it might not be practical to hand over a sample that isn’t in a protective case; pieces of your prototype can break or go missing, metals can tarnish, and original documents can stain, fold or rip. Whether you need sturdy product presentations to withstand travel, a solution to keep prototypes looking fresh and new while exchanging hands, or a sleek and lightweight feature for your office, an acrylic glass display can be a beautiful option to showcase your product.

Not sure where to start with your acrylic display? Check out these solutions we created for our customers: 

The Multi-Piece Prototype

In the medical and technology industries it can be difficult to explain how an item with many pieces works without referencing a tangible example. Unfortunately, it may be too cumbersome to take apart and piece together a fully built item while pitching it to a client. Our team can help you design a custom lucite embedment product display that displays your product in an “exploded” view. Protected in a sturdy embedment, these displays can easily travel with you to conferences, trade shows, and client presentations. They are a safe and industry-approved way of leaving samples of products behind as an educational item.

The First Production

Top of production samples are nice to have on hand to showcase your organization’s capabilities, and it’s always best to keep the most important items in pristine condition.

They are also a highly motivational item to give as mementos to the team working on the project. For objects that would not withstand the heat, pressure, and chemicals used in the embedding process, we can offer a lucite encasement. These displays showcase items with a custom cut to size window for the item which is then placed between a front and back solid piece of acrylic. These 3 pieces of acrylic are then held together with attractive hardware. This process allows the item to be displayed securely without being completely sealed.

The Oddly Shaped Piece

Items that have unusual curves, crevices, and gaps, like computer hardware components, instruments, and tools, are prone to damage if passed around or packed in a duffel bag without a protective casing. Depending on the shape and size of the piece, they could catch and cause damage to other things that you’ve packed. Lucite embedment displays can provide acrylic support to protruding parts and fragile connections while protecting them (and the rest of your luggage) from breaking. 

The Document or “Deal Toy”

Documents for Mergers, Financial Deals, Milestone recognition are often saved and presented as mementos known as “Deal Toys.” Embedments are certainly the go-to solution for these types of document mementos, however, many clients choose to invest in a magnetic entrapment. This type of display is a budget-conscious choice. They simply pull apart, the paper document is centered on the bottom piece and the top acrylic portion placed over the bottom. Strong magnets hold the entrapment together. 

Table Displays

An entrapment system is also suitable for simple table side menus or POP displays that are regularly changed. If displaying menus or other informative documents is an important part of your customer service process, encasing them in magnetic entrapment might be a functional and attractive solution.

Your company can easily elevate presentations, sales pitches and product displays with the endless possibilities of lucite entrapments and embedments. To learn more about the acrylic display options that are best for your project, reach out to the Recognition Experts at Acrylic Warehouse.