13 Employee Appreciation Holidays for 2022

Multiple days out of the year make for perfect occasions to present an employee with an acrylic award to commemorate their accomplishments. We’ve gathered up some of the best employee appreciation holidays for 2022 to acknowledge the best and brightest at your company.

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These creative embedments are awaiting their polish and final preparations.

5 Unique Acrylic Embedment Ideas (That we’ve actually done!)

Police badges, product displays, and microchips make for stunning embedments, but they aren’t the only items you can make a display out of. We’ve come across some exciting embedments over the years, so if you’re looking for something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered!

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Embedments Process Start to Finish

Lucite embedments make for gorgeous displays, and a lot of work goes into that beauty. The process of creating the perfect embedment is personalized for every award, but they all begin and end the same.

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How Laser Cutting is Changing the Acrylic Awards Industry

The future of the acrylic awards industry is in laser cutting, a precise and effective way to cut acrylic.

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You Don’t Need a Special Occasion to Recognize Your Employees

Recognition doesn’t have to be limited to a specific day, week, or even month. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion, either. Recognizing an employee for things like meeting a goal, working well in a team, or handling a stressful situation well can go a long way. 

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Five Ways to Recognize Your Administrators During Administrative Professionals Week

The office wouldn’t be the same without them, and that’s why it’s essential to recognize their hard work and dedication during Administrative Professionals Week.

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Are Employee Achievement Awards Tax Deductible?

The simple answer is that it depends on the type of employee recognition award. They are considered ordinary business expenses, but there are qualifications and limits that some must meet to be deductible.

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employee recognition program

Why Employee Awards Are Important For Every Business

If you don’t have a recognition program in place, now is the time to consider starting one. Here’s why.

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The Survey Results Have Arrived: How Managers Recognize their Employees

We recently launched a survey about employee recognition and asked a sampling of thought leaders about how they plan to recognize their employees. After collecting 100+ answers from executives and HR professionals, we are seeing some interesting trends. 

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The Best Awards for your End of Year Employee Recognition Program

It’s a great time to maximize your employee recognition awards with a tangible acrylic award to show your appreciation for employees who made a positive impact this year. We’ve put together our top recognition award ideas for employees of your business. 

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