7 Custom Acrylic Award and Embedment Ideas for Every Occasion

Everything and anything that exists stays on the internet forever: from embarrassing party pictures to that karaoke version of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” you performed in college.

No one wants to be embarrassed, especially if you’re a business owner, so it’s essential to recognize your best and brightest with special awards. Acrylic Warehouse’s wide selection of custom acrylic awards means we’ve got the perfect award for any business or event.

Suppose you’re feeling stuck or need a little inspiration. In that case, Acrylic Warehouse‘s team of experts put together this list of some of our favorite custom acrylic awards to help your team members feel recognized and appreciated.

What Makes a Good Custom Acrylic Award?

Presenting an award is more than just going online, finding something you like, and handing it to the winner. Employees, retirees, and award winners want to feel appreciated and recognized for their excellent work, which requires awards to represent all of those emotions.

We’ve been in the acrylic awards business for over 16 years, so we put our brains together and came up with a quick list of the most important elements to any award.

Personalized Engraving

Whether you’re a big or small company, it doesn’t matter. If you’re handing out an award, trophy, or plaque, the winner’s name must be on it. It’s a straightforward (and in the case of Acrylic Warehouse, we offer free laser engraving) message to the recipient that not only do you recognize them, but you appreciate them as well.

While not common, there have been instances where companies or schools have misspelled a winner’s name on the award. Nothing detracts more from receiving an award than finding out your name isn’t even spelled correctly.

Don’t ruin someone’s celebration by making a simple mistake: correctly spell the winner’s names.


Show the recipient that you care by customizing their trophy, acrylic embedment, or plaque.

Acrylic Warehouse’s Recognition Specialists work with businesses, schools, and organizations all over the country to design and deliver custom acrylic awards. These range from uniquely shaped awards to police badge embedments. We aim to make every award feel as unique and one of a kind as its recipients.

These awards will be hanging up on someone’s wall or laid out on their mantlepiece (more than likely with your organization’s name engraved on it as well), so make sure your award stands out from the crowd.


Lastly, and most importantly, the presentation. How you handle an award ceremony is up to you (and the recipient) to decide, but you should aim to make it memorable for the winner. That means giving them the award in person and saying positive affirmations about why they won it.

While not every custom acrylic award calls for a huge party, celebrations impact award winners; think about kind gestures or what makes the winner remarkable and put that information into the presentation of their award.

Remember, the award is just part of the whole package. How you present the distinction matters as much as the physical object itself.

7 Custom Acrylic Awards and Embedments for Every Occasion

There are a ton of available options out there for you to choose from when it comes to awards and embedments.

While we have our favorites, we know every acrylic award should be customized to fit your organization and winner.

Our 7 best custom acrylic awards and embedments for every occasion highlight some of the most popular options available.

And remember, if these awards and embedments aren’t quite what you’re looking for, reach out to one of our recognition specialists for a fully customized acrylic award.

1. Star Student 

Want to recognize academic excellence? Celebrate students’ high achievements with custom awards highlighting their latest successes.

Try an accent star award or a star paperweight that can be displayed upright are simple options that look great in any environment.

Give younger students something to show off with flashy effects like those in our Glitter & Glow collection, while higher honors receive a custom award with a 4-Color Process feature of the school’s crest or mascot.

2. Honorable Service

Retirements are incredible milestones that mark the start of a new adventure. 

Consider an elegant oval with your company’s colors and logo to thank your employee for their years of excellent work. 

Are you looking to recognize a retirement from emergency services, such as police, fire, or EMS? Try a Lucite embedment of your organization’s badge to commemorate their service.

These awards stay up in home offices or living rooms, so make sure whatever you choose stands the test of time.

3. Sales Goals and Milestones

Want to congratulate someone for peak performance? 

Try the Victory Step Award, or consider incorporating a multi-step recognition series to commemorate each step of your recipient’s progress.

Some of our team’s favorite corporate awards include being shaped like their corporate logo and using a classic engraving font.

4. Employee of the Month

For honors awarded frequently, consider our paperweights under $20 as a sleek, economical solution that can be displayed directly on the recipient’s desk.

Acrylic Warehouse also creates custom paperweights in the shape of your company’s logo – contact our Recognition Specialists for more information.

5. Black Tie Affair

Consider sleek trophies like our Acrylic Corporate Chalice or an elegant and customizable Beveled Tower for special occasions. 

Want to showcase previous winners in your office? We can create Perpetual Wall Plaques with customizable plates – contact our team for more information.

6. All About That Brand

When the organization’s branding is the focus of the occasion, make it the priority of the award. 

Awards with plenty of room for engraving your logo, like our Lucite Apex Trophy with Base, are a great personalized option while still appearing sleek and elegant. 

Options like 4-Color Processing give your organization’s full-colored logo a beautiful “floating” effect within the acrylic glass. 

In a protective acrylic case, Lucite Embedments can display essential pieces of your organization’s legacy, such as newspaper clippings, medals, and badges.

7. Hobbies and Sports

Whether you are awarding the winner of the corporate golf tournament, a little league coach with a gift from the team, or the winners of a regional talent show, we have a wide selection of acrylic inspiration in our catalog, which can be found here.

Our custom sports trophies celebrate everyone: from the tiniest MVP on the diamond to those looking for a massive award suitable for the best.

Need a custom acrylic award or embedment? Acrylic Warehouse has you covered.

When it comes to custom acrylic awards, the possibilities are endless. Our custom acrylics offer you complete control over the look and personality of your awards.

The Recognition Specialists at Acrylic Warehouse are ready to help you create the right award for your special occasion.