Embedments Process Start to Finish

Whether you are celebrating a retirement or looking to immortalize a proud memory, an embedment will make your occasion feel special. Lucite embedments make for gorgeous displays, and a lot of work goes into that beauty. The process of creating the perfect embedment is personalized for every award, but they all begin and end the same.

We have detailed the method used here at Acrylic Warehouse in bringing our embedments to life from start to finish.

What is an Embedment?

A Lucite (acrylic) embedment is a unique type of award that encapsulates the object of your choosing for display purposes. These awards have gorgeous crystal-like finishes and catch your eye sitting on a desk or shelf, making it perfect decor. Because embedments are so personalized, each one tells a story, which makes for a great conversation starter.

Embedments are especially popular for celebrating retirements, since they can preserve valuable items associated with being on the job, such as a police officer’s badge. This does not mean embedments are only for retirements, though. They can commemorate any moment like a restaurant’s first dollar earned or the vows you wrote for your wedding.

What is the Process of Making an Embedment?

Before the embedment process can officially begin, you will have to temporarily part ways with your item of significance. We advise that you insure your item before sending it in case of the unlikely event it incurs damage or becomes lost in transit. Some items need to be tested to make sure they are compatible with the embedding process. The team at Acrylic Warehouse will advise you on the suitability of your item. If it is not suited to embedding, we will offer suggestions for other display options.

Creating your embedment requires specialized expertise. At Acrylic Warehouse, we use a white glove treatment to produce the highest-quality award possible while focusing on the safety of your item.

The acrylic embedment process starts with the design. If you desire a custom design, we send you a proof to ensure you love and are confident with the design.

After you approve the design and send us your item, we start creating your award. The acrylic embedding process starts with a liquid monomer and a powdered polymer. These two compounds are exactingly mixed and form a liquid resin that has a consistency similar to pancake batter. The mix is poured into metal or cardboard molds filling them partway. We then place your item onto the Lucite, which is becoming semi gelatinous. A top layer is then poured filling the mold. 

After the compound sits for a few hours, we place the molds in an autoclave under heat and pressure for several hours. This changes the gelatinous compound into a crystal-clear hard embedment.

The last but one of the most important parts of the process is finishing the embedment. Plaining, sawing, sanding, diamond honing, buffing all add to the beautiful luster finish of the embedment.

Order an Embedment Today!

At Acrylic Warehouse, our team of designers are eager to create the most gorgeous embedment displays imaginable. Whether you would like one of our pre-existing designs or have your own ideas in mind, our goal is to give you the embedment of your dreams.  

From conception to completion, our team will work with you to bring your dream award to life. No matter what you are celebrating, we treat your encapsulated object with the utmost care and present it as the highest quality acrylic award possible.

Contact us to create your Lucite embedment today.